Launching our server & growing the Mammoth team

Shihab   Shihab  •  December 23rd, 2022

Hi folks! A few exciting announcements!

First off: Mammoth for iOS is shaping up nicely. We've added tons of new features and are fixing dozens of bugs every day. One of my fav new features is the ability to share posts as images directly to your socials (with the ability to tweak the UI exactly how you want).

We're also getting a lot of interest and excitement in the community. In fact, our Testflight beta is now full, with 10,000 people signed up! Worry not: we now have a waitlist, at


Today we're introducing, a friendly new place on Mastodon.

We're continuing to refine our vision for the app. We are building a beautiful Mastodon app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and making it easier for new users to onboard onto the Fediverse & Mastodon. The power of Mastodon, its federated architecture, is also the most confusing aspect for newcomers: "Where do I start?" To help solve this problem, we are building, our server. Mammoth will continue to fully and enthusiastically support all Mastodon servers (minus the icky ones), and you'll continue to be able to use it to connect with your favorite server. But for new users, we are integrating an easy use Create An Account feature that is connected to We have the 0.1 build of our server ready. Today we'll be signing up the first 100 users on our server. Head on over to if you enjoy living on the bleeding edge, warts and all!

I'm also delighted to announce that I'm now working full time on bringing this vision to market as part of a small startup team. The team includes, who has a long track record in open source starting with Linux (Eazel and the GNOME Foundation), work on the Firefox 1.0 launch, and co-founding the Mozilla Builders Fix-The-Internet Incubator with (Mark, who previously was the SVP for Firefox at Mozilla, is an advisor). is our designer - check out the styling on it's already one of the best looking Mastodon servers! Big props to who set up our server and is working on the backend.

Last but not least, just joined us to head community. Today we are launching the account. We'll be posting frequent updates on daily builds and much more… as soon as I'm back from a few days off for the holiday weekend!

Oh, and almost everything we do will be open source. That includes the Mammoth app. And of course we'll fully respect the AGPL as we tinker with backend code etc.

I'm super stoked about the next chapter for Mammoth. Follow and join the server as we open up more in the coming days. The next few weeks and months are going to be super exciting!

Here's to making Mastodon even more awesome, together, in 2023! 🥂