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Mammoth is Mastodon for the rest of us

Mammoth app running on an iPhone

The easiest way to join Mastodon

Create your account with the tap of a button. No confusing questions.

Mammoth app running on an iPhone

The fastest way to find interesting people to follow

In minute 1, we'll suggest 50+ interesting folks from all walks of life to jumpstart your Mastodon experience.

Multiple accounts? We got you covered

Log into all your Mastodon accounts. While composing (or liking, or boosting), long press to choose which account to post from.

Mammoth app running on an iPhone

Browse all of Mastodon

Browse and pin any community timeline, view them as just another feed.

Mammoth app running on an iPhone

Easily share posts with your friends

Share on Mastodon or elsewhere with our fun Share As Image feature.


Been looking for the one app that has all the Mastodon features? Search no further.

Fully customizable

Tweak the way posts in your timeline look to get them exactly the way you want them.